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NEURAM-UK (NEURO-REHABILITATION ACTION (MAURITIUS)- UK was set up on 21st May 2018 as a not-for-profit Charity to act as a vehicle for raising awareness on areas related to neurological disabilities and for improving neurological rehabilitation care in the world. It stems from the work initially carried out in Mauritius and which led to the setting up of NEURAM FOUNDATION www.neuram.org in Mauritius on 22nd February 2017.


The charity is based in England and will support other charities in Mauritius and globally as it recognises the global deficiencies in the availability of facilities for neurological rehabilitation care. It focuses on spinal cord injury, acquired brain injury and stroke and would like to help improve acute and long-term care. Prevention of disability and teaching will also be an integral part of its actions.

Whilst the focus is on neurological diseases, the same principles of management will hopefully help the ageing population, as they become an important target group as the population ages.

NEURAM-UK is registered with the Charity Commission as a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (the CIO). Registration number 1178464.