Our research study 2 in 2012 and field trips in Mauritius from 2015 3  highlighted the high incidence of pressure ulcers in acute hospitals and in the community for people with neurological disability. It was identified that there was lack of existent structured rehabilitation facilities in Mauritius. This led us to carry out research and field trips in Mauritius that highlighted many issues.

Key Findings 

Many pressure ulcers in hospitals and community

Wheelchairs were provided by the authorities without pressure cushions

Lack of safe manual handling of patients

Lack of knowledge and skills amongst health professionals

Non availability of rehabilitation aids and ignorance of their relevance to quality of life

Disabled were labelled as Bed Ridden by the family as well as by health professionals

Problem Solving Approach  By Neuram

Neuram’s immediate objective was to provide a low cost and effective pressure cushions for wheelchairs.

Developing and putting concept to Action

Project concept : KS to manufacture affordable pressure cushion with locally sourced materials and skills.

Expert team from UK – Tissue viability nurse and Occupational therapist along with support from the locals searched for solutions

Team’s Knowledge , experience and urge to find solutions led to production of low cost pressure cushions in Mauritius

Developing the prototype of the pressure cushion 

Funding by Neuram and International House

Initiated awareness and education in public , health professionals and authorities for the need of pressure cushions

Trainings to health professionals in the hospitals, conference for carers, social media and meeting with ministry of health

Collaboration with local charity

Lean-on was created by collaboration with Magic fingers, a local charity for the under privileged women

Magic fingers

Lean -on

Training provided to the women at Magic fingers

Identified locally available materials for the cushion

Identified suppliers of foam;

two way stretch material for the covers had to be imported

Created prototype of pressure cushion

After several trials on other materials first prototype was created


Knowledge put to practice

Cushions meant for hot climate, providing immersion and effective pressure relief,

Future Direction of the project:

Expand range of products – Manual handling and functional aids

Obtain certification /approval of quality by the authorities

Supply products locally and to African countries

Provide vocational opportunities to the under privileged

Income generating social enterprise